Babinga – healthy complex for everyone

Superfood is getting more and more used and demanded among people of any age worldwide. It is obvious, because with each year people get less vitally important for health elements from ordinary food. Businessmen sells products filled with chemicals, looking like wax works in museum, containing nothing natural and healthy. Thus, in developed countries people found the way out of this problem – take food supplements that consists of natural plants, herbs, fruit and non-animal products  that are perfectly meets vegan and vegetarian diet. Many people are afraid of food supplements (natural biological dietary supplements) because they confuse them with food additive (preserving agent, taste and aroma boosters, etc) that make the person eat more and more.

Active Biological Dietary Supplements, including Babinga tabs is 100 % natural healthy supplements that act as a source to bring missed essential for normal operation of organism elements that person is unable to take from within or which our body cannot accept or develop by itself. Superfood is widely used in Japan, thus standard living age is high and Japanese citizens look much younger for their real age.

Babinga is a 100% organic superfood that has wide range of positive influence for health. It supports health filling it with life and energy, especially in time of cold and illnesses. Babinga includes the following good plants like moringa oleifera extract, baobab fruit extract, barley grass extract and a pine-tree pollen.
Babinga dietary supplements
What is Moringa oleifera?


Moringa Oliefera is a blessing gift of nature that has a lot of healthy elements in its leaf that are used in medicine and cosmetology. This tree grows in India, Asia and Africa and used by local people with the healing aim for many ages. All parts of this tree has healing effect. People use its roots, leaves, barque, seeds. It is a mine of vitamins A, B , C, D , Е, macro – and minerals – magnesium, selenium, calcium, iron and potassium. 100 grams of a natural product bear in themselves more than 8 grams of protein and also amino acids, antioxidants that remove toxins and bad radicals from body that are often can be a cause for cancer.

Baobab another healing creature of nature grown mostly in dry lands of Africa. Baobab fruit is considered to be extremely useful for health and beauty. It has none bad effects, only good. It is a great source of vitamin C, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron. It is apt to normalise blood pressure. Being natural antioxidant, it strengthens and cleans an organism, increases immunity, normalizes the weight, a hormonal background of women, lowers cholesterin level, slows down body height of level of Saccharum in a blood.

baobab babinga

babinga baobab fruit

Barley grass is rich for a chlorophyll, it has  detox effect and licks away poisonous toxins from an organism as well as has strong antioxidant effects.

Pine-tree pollen has a  lot of vitamin C the lack of which lead to frequent illnesses and weak immune system. It is rich for vitamin E that is the main component of youth, the lack of while leads to early aging and heart diseases.
Babinga can be used by sportsmen that will help to endure the training time, giving more force, by all people who want to support health in good condition, to prevent illnesses and cute faster from already existed ones.