TOP products for vegeterians

Veganism is a sort of diet when a person abandon meat and some other products of animal origin. There are various types of veganism and it is quite individual for every vegan. Some one abandon even milk, eggs and fish. Someone just do not eat meat. However, here is TOP of vegan products that sooner or later any vegan include to their diet.
1) Food supplements and superfoods that help to maintain correct number of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients not to get ill or sick. Dietary supplements are botanical active dietary supplements full of plant and vegetable origin made of exclusive healthy plans grown in far lands of the planet. For example, food supplement – Babinga is considered to be one of the most effective and useful bio product for all people, as well as perfectly fit vegan diet. Babinga tabs is 100% natural product the main extract of which are moringa oleifera, baobab fruit powder, barley grass powder and pine pollen which in combination covers 70% of daily norm of useful nutrients for every person. Rich for vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, minerals, antioxidants, all replaceable and irreplaceable amino-acids, chlorophyll, etc.

dietary supplements
2) Dried fruit provide an organism with the glucose necessary for any physical activity. It is one of the best sources of fast carbohydrates. But “to a load” to them there are a fat, phyto-nutrients, potassium, vitamins and mineral substances.

3) Tofu  knows as a tasteless products but it is its main advantage, because it can absorbs any aromas and tastes of spices like a sponge and at the same time it is quite square.

4) Chickpea that is a Turkish pea but it has an unforgettable taste. As a rule vegetarians cook cutlet, sausages from it and in ready variant it really tastes like meat.

There are much more products for vegans, but they are all for individual taste. Here we told about the main and common ones eaten by all people, who follow healthy lifestyle.

5) Chaga Pilz by mineralsole is a curing and healing raw material, bio supplement. Elixir from chaga make immune system stronger. Chaga mushroom extract provides effective treatment of periodontosis, eczemas, psoriasis and a frostbite. Chaga extract can be added to medicines which are applied to increase in immunity, improvement of a metabolism, decrease in sugar in blood. Chaga Extrakt stabilises arterial blood pressure, the heart rhythm gets better, cures problems in work of digestive tract.

chaga extract bio supplement